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The Year of the Free Spirited Horse

This is the year of the free spirited Horse. The Horse came galloping in on the lunar Chinese New Year at midnight, January 30, 2014. The seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Horse, a Fire Element, loves life and adventure, is charming, smart and popular. Quick in all he does, he is wise and talented with a cheerful disposition and a gregarious nature. He can also be very headstrong, stubborn and quick to anger.

HorsesThe Chinese Element in this Horse year is Wood. Wood fuels Fire so we can expect the energy to be more intense, willful and independent. What does this mean for each of us? While characteristics of our Chinese animal have their own specific interactions with the horse, no one is exempt from this fast paced and active year. Will this energetic year serve to increase our already perceived busyness or might it support a greater sense of free spiritedness?  Since I’m voting for free spirited, I decided to explore what that actually means. With horses, we might think wild and independent. When attributed to people, definitions are many and include: unconventional, independent or uninhibited; those with highly individual or unique attitudes, lifestyles or imaginations; nonconformists. Perhaps, in all of that, free spirited is being true to yourself.

What do you consider free spirited? I immediately think of the playful, uninhibited energy  of Kidschildren. Does being a free spirit exempt you from the burden and cares of everyday life? I think of a friend who quit her job to follow her passion. Are free spirits risk takers? If so, they are certainly not exempt from responsibilities and worries. Maybe its an attitude!

Attitude decides the size of our dreams and influences our determination when we are faced with new challenges. Jim Rohn

While continuing to explore the concept of what it is to be or become a free spirit, I found several articles that shared a variety of perspectives on the subject. The following is a compilation of some of those thoughts; a few may be surprise you. They may also raise awareness of any stereotypical thinking that stands in the way of our stepping out of the comfortable, predefined roles in which we tend to live. Additionally, these viewpoints might reinforce how difficult it is for most of us to live the life of a free spirit, even for occasional moments, in a culture that rewards conformity.

  1. Free Spirits dream and dream big. They have the courage to follow those dreams. FreeSpirit
  2. They identify barriers that may be standing in their way and then find solutions for moving past them.
  3. Free Spirits live in the moment. In our day-to-day lives, with our schedules and deadlines, living in the moment can seem almost impossible. However, noticing the moments in which we live seems attainable.
  4. Free Spirits keep their self-importance in check. It has been said that ego is the death of authenticity.
  5. Free Spirits honor other people’s freedom. As we seek our own personal freedom, it is critical to remember to be generous with others who are also seeking theirs.
  6. Free Spirits get to know not only themselves but the world around them.
  7. Free Spirits laugh, especially at themselves.
  8. They put a high value on free choice. Everyone else seems to have an opinion of how we should live our lives. A free spirited person does what he or she thinks is right, not what others tell them is right. 
  9. Free Spirits develop their own unique vision of life and the world, while remaining open to discussion and compromise.
  10. They have the courage to try things that other people think are impossible, unimportant, or impractical.
  11. Free Spirits trust themselves and trust in the natural flow of life; they trust in the unknown.

DancerUse the energy of this year of the Horse to get in touch with your own free spirit. I hope above list is helpful. You can also begin by applying the Feng Shui Bagua to assess the Children and Creativity area of your home. While this area represents your own children and any other children in your life you are close to, it also represents your inner child. How often do we visit the creative playfulness of our inner child? Locate that area in your home. How is it used? Any clutter or stagnant energy there? Once you’ve evaluated and made the necessary adjustments, set an intention about how you will embrace your free spirit this year. Let your inner child be your guide. A free spirit is easily recognized by his or her vitality, warmth, and openness. Do whatever allows you to get in touch with your aliveness. I plan to join you in that endeavor. Welcome to 2014!