The Drawer of Life

I received a call from a potential client who attended one of my classes several years prior. So as not to lose my contact information, she placed it in her “Drawer of Life.”  She had been waiting for the right time to call me and it was now. Wait, she placed my information in her what?

She went on to explain that she has a special drawer in which she keeps information about things that she wants to do, topics she wants to learn about and changes she wants to make. She is both sensitive to what or who shows up in her life and realistic about her ability to respond to them, given her busy schedule. So she places notes to herself, articles, contact information etc. in her “Drawer of Life.” She goes to this drawer when “called” to do so and pays attention to what speaks to her when the drawer is opened.  Her agreement with herself is to act on it. Feng Shui called to her on that particular day and she phoned me. Needless to say, I was quite humbled and honored to learn I was in someone’s “Drawer of Life.”

Messy02I’ve since been reflecting about that drawer. Most of us, I suspect, have a similar drawer filled with things – unidentified keys, newspaper clippings, broken jewelry, miscellaneous odds and ends, you name it – stuff we, for some reason, are unable to let go of. We refer to it as our clutter drawer. And it is, in a way, a drawer of our life. A clutter drawer, however, requires no action; it can be easily dismissed, closed with a shrug and ignored. But, what if you intentionally cleared out that drawer and designated it your “Intention Drawer,” your own personal “Drawer of Life?”

House01It’s not unlike naming your car or your plants or your home. Naming something makes it more personal and something more personal requires a different kind of attention. There is an immediate energy shift. One of my Feng Shui colleagues named her home “Joy.” She and her family are always coming home to Joy. When a family member returns home after a difficult day, Joy greets them! You can imagine the positive effect that has on the family as well as every visitor to their home!

Many of us have so many things we want to do – both big and small. Take a class, finish a project, clean out a closet, learn a new language, paint a room – pursue, complete, shift, change, clear! What if we, like my client, placed representational reminders in an Intention Drawer: a class brochure, the review of a new restaurant to try, a paint sample, a special business card, the picture of a kitchen remodel. And then created an Intention Drawer “opening ceremony” once a month, on our birthday, every Tuesday, or what ever seems realistic. The discipline is that the act of opening it would require immediate action on one of the items inside. As our life path changes, some of the contents might be up for periodic review to determine if they remain viable intentions or not. Discarding as appropriate helps to prevent a clutter risk.

I have also given thought to what my Intention Drawer, might hold. Certainly Drawerthere is my intention to resume a regular exercise routine so it would hold my Snap membership card. I would include the names of books I want to read and some favorite meditation CDs I would like to get in the habit of listening to on a regular basis. A travel brochure to Bali would surely be tucked in. The names of people I’ve lost touch with and desire to contact would be there. Opening the drawer with the specific intention of activating any one of these items would have a dramatic impact on my life.

In Feng Shui, we are accustomed to creating ceremony around selecting and infusing a physical item to hold a specific intention – a promotion, a life partner, optimal health, increased financial gain. How intriguing to consider a holding place for future intentions and ceremoniously opening that designated holding place with the purpose of activating one of the intentions tucked inside. In our busy lives, intentions can easily be forgotten along the way. The idea of creating a “Drawer of Life” was one woman’s brilliant way of making sure that didn’t happen.Wordl02