Creating Space for Love

Temple01Eight years ago this month, Tom and I were married in the sacred Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, surrounded by loving friends and colleagues. Little could I have imagined that a variety of events set in motion three years prior were creating space for love in my life that would culminate in this spontaneous and beautiful wedding ceremony.

My story began in the summer of 2003 when I suddenly began experiencing unusual physical symptoms. When laying down, my arms and legs felt like lead, requiring tremendous effort to get back up. Once up, I moved around easily and otherwise felt fine! When these strange symptoms persisted beyond a week, I made an appointment to see my doctor.

In the meantime, I happened to be having dinner with a close Feng Shui friend who posed a question to me out of the blue: “Don’t you think it’s time you call in a partner?” The question took me by surprise! I had been happily single for 13 years. I had a satisfying career, a Feng Shui practice I loved, a wonderful family and terrific group of friends. I was proud of my accomplishments and content with my life. I casually said I would think about it.

A month later, while having dinner with other mutual Feng Shui friends, I shared the question I had been asked. They thought it was a fabulous idea and were immediately excited about the prospect! This time I promised I would give it serious thought and let them know my answer at a later date.

“Calling in” is a Feng Shui term referring to the process of creating space for love. It uses the two-step Feng Shui process of setting an intention. The first step is making a thoughtful and clear decision about what you want to change or have happen in a certain area of your life. Inhand_shell02 this instance, the intention to be in a loving relationship. The second step involves using the energy of your environment to support that intention. A physical object that is meaningful to you (a special shell, wind chime, vase, crystal, and so on) is selected and designated to “hold” that intention on your behalf. It serves as a powerful energetic reminder for what you have set in motion. It represents another type of partnership – a partnership with your space.

It is easy to entertain a romantic notion of calling in a partner; however, serious consideration must be given to this potentially life-changing action which involves making room for one! To help, a series of questions must be answered:

Table01Am I willing to make the time necessary to devote to a relationship? How easily could I imagine a partner fitting into my community of friends and family? How comfortable would another person feel in my home? Am I willing to make room for that person in my closet, bathroom and kitchen? Is my bed big enough for two? Is there space at my breakfast room table to share a meal?

While these are practical questions, they are also emotional ones. Thus, if you can imagine yourself creating space physically for another person in your life, you will be able to create space for them emotionally as well.

While I was busy asking myself these questions to gain clarity on the subject of partnership, I continued to go through tests for my ongoing physical symptoms. Thankfully, the results were coming in negative for a variety of possible ailments, but the symptoms persisted.

I decided to see an acupuncturist. I had been to an excellent one several years before and was aware of several other well-qualified acupuncturists. The strange thing was, however, I knew I didn’t wish to go to any of them. I had no good reason, just an inner voice telling me, “No, not that one.” I was learning to listen to that seemingly irrational voice. So I waited while continuing to participate in the variety of tests my primary physician offered.

It was now late summer and I needed to register for a continuing education workshop in my field of Speech Language Pathology. When I learned I had to give up a precious Saturday to attend, I felt resentful. However, while reading the workshop choices, I came across one entitled Acupuncture and Stroke. I was excited and intrigued. My resentment dissolved and I eagerly signed up!

Walking into the workshop, I saw a lovely woman standing in the front of the room. She was the presenter. After introducing myself I immediately knew I had found the acupuncturist I had been waiting for.

To be continued. . .