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Creating Space for Love, Part 2

I could never have anticipated that events I experienced during the summer of 2003 were energetically creating space for love. Nor could I have imagined these series of happenings were conspiring to bring me to the auspicious day when I would meet my life partner.

The strange combination of symptoms I began experiencing that summer persisted. I had completed a variety of routine medical tests, the results of which, thankfully, came back negative. It was now August and my doctor had scheduled electromyography and a nerve conduction study in an ongoing attempt to identify a cause for the weakness in my arms and legs.

HandsPrior to that, however, I attended my professional workshop and coincidentally met the woman who was to become my acupuncturist. I called her the following week to make an appointment. My new acupuncturist’s credentials met my standards. She had L.Ac. – Licensed Acupuncturist – and M.A.O.M. – Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – behind her name. Another important aspect: my personality resonated with hers. As with any person caring for your body, mind and spirit, trust, confidence and rapport are essential!

The final “test” was to experience the energy of her office. It is so important to pay attention to the Waitenergy of a person’s office or treatment space. Any place you enter to do business must feel good. You want to walk in and feel welcome, comfortable and energized or relaxed, depending on the purpose of the visit. This applies whether it’s the office of your physician, massage therapist or tax accountant!

I was pleased her offices were well appointed, uncluttered and peaceful. And this is the BEST of all: My symptoms disappeared after that first appointment! I know! Whatever Chi was blocked was just waiting for the right treatment to “un-block” it.

I value Western medicine, having worked in a major hospital for over twenty years; however, there are times when Eastern medicine is appropriate. I believe our health benefits from a combination of both, and the knowledge to know when to utilize one or the other or both in combination. Though my symptoms disappeared, I continued regular acupuncture treatment with my new intention of maintaining general over-all good health and a feeling of well being. I happily cancelled the electromyography test!

During this time, of course, I continued to work on my answers to the BIG questions: Did I really want to create space, both physically and emotionally, for a partner and, if so, was I ready? I didn’t take this process lightly and when I finally gave my answer to my Feng Shui friends, the best I could come up with was, “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” That was good enough for them – they were ecstatic! While still a bit reluctant, once I said the words, I was committed to follow through and see where this journey led.

We scheduled a Feng Shui appointment (yes, we schedule these among ourselves just as we do for clients). Like everyone, we sometimes find ourselves too close to a situation. Likewise, familiarity with our own space occasionally clouds our ability to objectively assess the energy(s) that may be blocking progress. When this happens, we call in the troops – our Feng Shui colleagues. And there are no holds barred!

Our appointment was scheduled for an evening in October, 2003. They spent close to three hours going through my home, focusing particularly on my bedroom. They moved my bed to a new position, which required moving every other piece of furniture there! They made sure I had “pairs” of items in my bedroom, placed “special” items in the bagua of my bed between my mattress and box spring, created a lovely table setting for two in my small breakfast room, and much, much more. The most surprising finding, however, was their identifying over 80 female images in my home! If anyone had asked, I would have been surprised by the question and answered about a dozen. Talk about not seeing what is in your space!

PaintingWhen I divorced and moved into my town home, I was single for the first time in twenty years. I was feeling empowered as a single woman starting over. As I began to decorate my new home with art, I found myself drawn to images of single women. Of course, I wasn’t thinking, “There is a painting of single women I must have,” I simply resonated with the “art.” Oh, those blind spots we have! Leave it to the Feng Shui Divas to do their job!

Of course, Feng Shui is about creating harmony and one aspect of that is to bring balance to an environment. Here comes the critically important Yin Yang theory again: everything contains yin and yang, which are mutually exclusive yet interdependent and complementary. The goal is to maintain a balance between the two. That’s why we love a fire (yang) in winter (yin). It creates compatible balance. I had unwittingly created an imbalance with a predominance of Yin energy. Not to fear! My Feng Shui Team of Love Divas “balanced” every one of those 80 female images with male images. A powerful partnership of energies was created!

At that time, two of the women were dating men with the name “Tom.” Our Feng Shui teacher’s husband is Tom. In the course of the evening, I casually said, “I guess I need to call in a Tom!” None of us gave the comment a second thought.


To be continued. . .