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Creating Space for Love, Part 3

My Feng Shui Divas created space for love and I found myself newly energized! My home, which had nurtured and supported me as a single woman, was now supporting my intention to call in a partner. I had committed to the journey!

 “Every intention is a trigger for transformation.”  –Deepak Chopra

LuggageI continued to have regular weekly appointments with my acupuncturist and, of course, shared with her the intention that I set. In December she mentioned her husband worked with a wonderful man who was in the process of a divorce. Would I be interested in going out with him? Ah, my first test! An old tape immediately began playing in my head: “Don’t date anyone going through a divorce – too much baggage!” I told her, “No thank you!”

When I shared my conversation and response to my acupuncturist’s offer with my Feng Shui Love Divas, they advised me to reconsider, remain open, have fun and trust my instincts regarding whomever “shows up” in my life. I listened to their wise advice and, the following week, I told my acupuncturist I would be willing to go out with the man she had mentioned. “What is his name?” I asked. “Tom,” she replied. The Universe has a sense of humor!

DinningTom called me in January and invited me to dinner at a small French restaurant. He was courteous and the conversation was easy. After dinner, he asked if I would be interested in seeing where he worked. Tom’s workplace, a graphic design company, was a wonderfully creative space! The energy there was vibrant and he was filled with pride as he showed me around. I liked that Tom was enthusiastic about his job and the company. But later, when he asked if he could see me again, I told him I was very busy and wasn’t sure when I might be available. While I enjoyed our evening and found him to be a nice man, my conclusion at the end of our first date was there was absolutely no future with him!

 Mind you, I really was trying to be open to the opportunities for dating that came as a result of powerful intention setting, but I found myself more resistant than I had anticipated. However, over the next week, something interesting began happening. The more my friends asked me about him, and the more I denied any interest, a little voice inside began to speak louder and more clearly. It said, Pay attention! Don’t be so quick to dismiss this person in light of old, not well-defined ideas of who that ‘special’ someone might be.”

“Take a little time every day to notice the contents of your mind. This act of noticing, although very simple, is one of the most powerful steps to bringing about change. What you don’t see you cannot change.”  –Deepak Chopra

So several weeks later, I took the initiative and invited Tom to attend a class with me about the impact of color on energy. He eagerly accepted. Was it simply to go out on a date with me, or was it possible he was also open to alternative thinking? We went and I was pleased to notice he was as interested in the subject as I. It’s not that one’s partner needs to share the same interests, but, for me, it is essential that he be at least be supportive of my interests. And, of course, it works both ways.844

We continued to date casually over the next several months. I learned of his knowledge of wildflowers and birds and his expertise in Native American culture. While the old tapes in my head continued to tell me he was not “the one,” I noticed my body’s energy was relaxed and comfortable with him. In spite of my denial, I was gradually recognizing my delight when I was with him.

Then in April, we were invited to a birthday party my acupuncturist was having for her husband. Little did I know, when I awoke that morning of the party, my life was to be forever changed!