Monthly Archives: January 2015

Overlapping Energies

HNYEvery January first, I find myself caught between overlapping energies. This is because I also
celebrate the Chinese New Year, which arrives later. So, while January first provides the
opportunity for setting new intentions/goals for 2015, the influence of the energy of the Chinese Animal from the previous year is still hanging around. Currently, that would be the 2014 Horse. The animal for 2015 is the Sheep/Ram, however, the Sheep doesn’t technically take over from the Horse until February 4. And the actual Chinese New Year isn’t until February 20!Lanterns

Each year brings it’s own special energetic influence as we continuously seek to grow, change, realign, adapt and generally improve our lives and ourselves. Many of us seek assistance as we navigate this journey. There are lots of ways to do this ­– psychic readings, tarot cards, or having our horoscopes read, to name a very few. The word horoscope is derived from Greek words hõra ‘time’ and scopos ‘observer.’ What a lovely expression – “time observer.”

I usually have my Western horoscope read around my birthday. I’m a Pisces so the influence of each year’s forecast based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of my birth month. In Chinese astrology, I am a Dragon, based on my birth year, and my Chinese horoscope changes annually based on the influence of whatever Chinese animal is represented by that particular year.

According to the Chinese calendar, we are still under the influence of the Horse and I amhorse definitely feeling that Horse presence! For the record, the Horse year was not my favorite. I experienced more personal challenges in the Horse year than in past years! Of course, we try to take the high road with the challenges in our lives, knowing these challenges are life’s lessons, which help us grow and move forward. It is never fun, of course, but, indeed, there were lessons learned for which I am grateful.

Ram01While I’ve definitely formulated my intentions/goals for 2015, I don’t sense they can fully “kick in” until the residual energy of the Horse is gone. I eagerly look forward to welcoming the new, gentler energy of the Sheep on February 4! And, I look forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year, February 20. Then I will embrace the combined energies of a completely new year that will support me, and all I plan to accomplish in 2015!

May the coming year be a good time for you – A time of inspiration and renewal, of discovery and learning, of good health and joy.