Monthly Archives: February 2016

From Gentle to Exuberant

Based on the Chinese zodiac, we’ve left the Wood Sheep year to welcome the Fire Monkey year on February 8 – a transition from gentle to exuberant!

Ram01The 2015 Wood Sheep was considered a symbol of optimism and flexibility for compromise and progress. And, although far from easygoing, the Sheep was predicted to bring a gentle and stable year

I personally did not find the Year of the Sheep to be so gentle or stable! Many friends experienced adversities, from the sudden death of a family member to significant other personal or health challenges. I certainly endured a major disruptive injury. On the other hand, there are those who said they experienced their best year ever! So what’s up here?

Perhaps it’s nothing more than the adage, “some days are good and some days not so good!” In other words, it’s about the ebb and flow of life. And, indeed, for those of us who work with the unseen energies of Feng Shui, we know, “what goes up must go down,” and vice versa.

The degree of each annual energetic influence varies from one person to another. Feng Shui practice encourages us to focus and build on the good times while remaining open to learn and grow from the challenges that inevitably come our way.

Monkey_16So now it’s 2016 and we’re in a Monkey year! In addition to the energy of the animal of the Chinese Zodiac, each year brings the energy of one of the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. This year it is the self-assured and impetuous energy of Fire that meets the Monkey’s joyful, curious, and creative nature. This exuberant Monkey swings in, suggesting a year for taking risks and changing the trajectory of your life! I encourage you to fasten your seatbelt, harness that energy and let it guide you through the roller coaster ride of this year.


Wishing you a Year of Fun, Flexibility and Fearlessness!