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Adornments for the Soul

A number of years ago, while on a road trip, I drove passed a little shop called “Adornments for the Soul.” Unfortunately, there was no time to stop and explore what treasures it might hold, but the name has since intrigued me. What did those shop owners consider adornments for the soul? I don’t know the answer, but I do know the name brings a flood of thoughts to my mind. What might we consider adornments for the soul?

03StudioThe word adornment means something that beautifies; a decoration or embellishment. When I think of the word adornment I think of objects or items that lift one’s Chi. Our choice of decor and color in our homes are obvious forms of adornment. Certainly the practice of Feng Shui encourages us to have only what we love when adorning our homes and our bodies, that is, items that support our spirit as well as our body.

Clothing and jewelry are other types of embellishment, however, I would suggest that true 06Necklaceadornments for the soul refers to those specific articles of clothing and special pieces of jewelry that make us feel more confident, happy and balanced when we wear them. They nourish our soul. The closer to your body an item is, the greater the effect its energy has on you. A number of years ago, I purchased a jade lotus necklace when I was on a trip to China. It doesn’t go with a lot of my clothes, so I don’t wear it often, but when I do, I feel a dramatic shift in my Chi. The necklace is unique and I feel wonderful wearing it; it is a very special adornment. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel fabulous with everything you wear? An intention, for sure!

05FairyTreeConsidering adornments for the soul, my garden comes to mind. Choosing special garden ornamentation has become as important to me as choosing just the right perennial for just the right place in the garden. I love my whimsical faerie house tree, my Buddha statue that resides amidst the ferns, and the Foo Dogs who sit stately protecting our home.These adornments sing to my soul.

Traveling creates wonderful opportunities to bring back special items that nourish us. Each time we gaze upon those “treasures,” we are taken back to that time and place, like my jade lotus necklace from China.They are adornments for the soul.

02KidsTreeAnd then there are “annual” adornments, exemplified in December by special holiday decorations. These traditional embellishments are brought out each year and combined with new items to freshen, update and enhance the spirit of the holiday season! The delight in tradition, combined with the energy of glowing lights that brighten and twinkle, personify adornments that lift our Chi!

As we celebrate this season of light, my wish is that your life is embellished with Love, Friendship, Grace, Peace, Prosperity and Good Health!