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Twenty-Year Anniversary

A twenty-year anniversary was celebrated this month!

CaligifIn the mid-nineties I happened upon an article in a women’s magazine about some “new” thing called Feng Shui. Intrigued, I did a bit of research and discovered a local class on Feng Shui was available at the Open U. I signed up and my life was changed forever!

I took all the classes available and knew I was eager to learn more! Soon after, I received an invitation in the mail asking if I would like to become a student in the newly formed Wind and Water school of Feng Shui. Would I ever! So, in the fall of 1998, I signed up and in 1999 graduated as a certified Feng Shui Practioner!

What an amazing journey! I’ve had the privilege and honor of helping individuals, families, and business owners over the years create nurturing, healing and supportive environments! Along the way, I’ve made life-long friends and learned more about the many powerful ways our environments influence us, and vice versa, than I could have ever imagined!

When a second invitation arrived this summer, this time via email rather than snail mail, inviting me to the twenty-year anniversary of the Wind and Water School, it came as a surprise! Twenty years! How can that be?!

It was a wonderful celebration and reunion of students, teachers, and supporters, all of whom, each in his or her own way, have kept the school vibrant and viable for these past twenty years! As I stood among friends and colleagues, I recalled, with gratitude, the day I unknowingly came across a little article that profoundly changed the course of my life!

Congratulations Wind and Water School of Feng Shui and founder, Carole Hyder!42724136 - twenty  years paper sign over confetti. vector holiday illustration.