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Twenty Seven Notebooks

I counted them and was amazed to discover the number was 27!  Twenty-seven notebooks. In Feng Shui practice, the number 27 is an auspicious number, which adds up to nine, representing accomplishment and completion.This month, during my annual New Year ritual of cleaning, sorting and organizing, I gathered notebooks from a variety of places in my home. I had decided to locate them in one spot with the intention of going through them to determine which to keep and which to discard. Wait! Not so fast!

HNY2When I was a child, my initial awareness of New Year’s rituals was receiving the fun noisemakers and hats our parents brought my sister and me from their New Year’s Eve parties each year. When I was old enough to start school however, I came to know August, not January, as my New Year’s Eve ritual. It was the day my parents took me to get supplies for the new school year. And the first day of school became the first day of my New Year.

I don’t recall setting specific intentions or even particularly thinking about how High angle view of spiral formula in digital tablet by noptebook and school supplies on wooden tablemy school year would go. I simply felt exhilaration at holding those new 50-cent spiral notebooks, with their promise of a clean slate and a fresh start!

New notebooks remained symbolic for me all through school and into college and graduate school. But, after I got my first job, the notebooks of my youth were replaced with different ways to re-evaluate my goals and ambitions for a new beginning. I added New Year’s Eve celebrations and resolutions. When I became a Feng Shui Practitioner, Chinese New Year rituals and intention setting became part of my traditions, as well.

bagua3Keep in mind, any time of year is a good time to hit a restart button – clean out the garage, clean off your desk, clean out a closet, re-organize a drawer. Any of these activities represent a shift in energy and reinforce the Feng Shui Principle: Your Space Reflects Your Life. We all have moments, for example, when we open that junk drawer, closet, or cabinet and suddenly think: Enough! I have to clean this out! In this moment, your home is communicating to you! Are you listening? Note where that junk drawer, closet or cabinet is located in your home’s Bagua. Then take a moment to consider what is happening in that area of your life! It’s a message to take notice of something that needs your attention! You may not understand it immediately, but by focusing your awareness, it will reveal itself over time.

Now, back to those 27 notebooks. What’s the message here? They were scattered over several rooms and, of course, filled with information – notes from classes, webinars and workshops. Perhaps it’s suggesting my mind is scattered with bits of information that need to congeal into something more tangible for the coming year. Right now, however, it seems daunting and exhausting to go through them. And then there is that auspicious number 27, a number of completion. Perhaps the message is to just toss them and start the year with a clean slate. I’m uncertain at this writing which direction to go. I’m waiting for a clearer message. Stay tuned!

Full Moon Healing

Tom and I began the first day of 2018 by participating in a Full Moon Healing Gong Bath. Offered by One Yoga, a nonprofit studio with the mission of making yoga accessible to all, the purpose of this ceremony was to use sound to align our own energy with the powerful energy of this New Year’s Day full moon! We were excited for this experience!

quartzMy first encounter with sound healing came when I began my Feng Shui studies. One of the Feng Shui students, an acupuncturist, was incorporating crystal singing bowls in her practice for vibrational sound healing. She generously offered sound healing salons in her home once a month. They were such powerful and transformative experiences, I tried to never miss a session! I loved the opportunity to practice transitioning from my busy day to a relaxed consciousness and then into a meditative state, with those beautiful sounds pulsating through my body!

Sound travels about four times faster through water than it does through air; our bodies are about 70 percent water so the use of sound is an intuitive choice for a natural therapy. It has been utilized in ancient civilizations for thousands of years as a tool for healing.The Priests of ancient Egypt knew how to use vowel sounds to resonate their energy centers or chakras. The Australian Aboriginals and Native American shamanists use vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in ceremony to adjust any imbalance of the spirit, emotions or physical being.

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of deep healing, rejuvenation and transformation. On a basic level, the gong relaxes tension and blocks in the body, stimulating the glandular and nervous system into higher, more balanced functioning.  In Bali, Indonesia, the echoing gamelan, gong, and drum are used in ceremonies to uplift and send messages.

Bells, chimes, gongs, bowls, and chanting are the foundation of Tibetan spiritual Ceremonypractice. Over the years, I have traveled to China, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan in pursuit of Feng Shui study. In those amazing places, the sounds of chanting and gongs were as integral a part of my experiences, as were the sights. When Tom and I were married in the sacred Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, the sounds of Buddhist gongs and chanting enhanced our incredible ceremony.

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state. A sound therapy treatment is both a passive and a participatory experience. Allowing yourself to relax and slow your breath prepares your body to receive sound. It’s in this place of calmness that you become more open and aware of each sound that comes in. Sound helps create a pathway to stillness, the same as a mantra helps you to arrive at the still point of meditation.

04GongAnd so it was with the full moon healing gong wash. Following a yoga warm-up and chanting, we were invited to lie on our mats. The room was full so it was challenging to lie passively with our arms at our sides without being in another’s space – but we managed. As we lay in the quiet, the sound and vibrational energy of the gong slowly began to enter our awareness. For 45 minutes those energies washed over and through us, intensifying and diminishing, creating a feeling of drifting luxuriously in space. I felt transported, as if on a magic carpet, to a place of deep relaxation and stillness.

What a lovely way to start the year. I appreciate One Yoga’s offering an opportunity to welcome the full moon and the New Year in a most unique, powerful and spiritual way!

Wishing you a Year that is Unique, Powerful, Spiritual and filled with Love!