“Space should satisfy the fundamental, aesthetic, and spiritual needs of man.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Feng Shui Services

  1. Residential Consultations
    1. Existing Home

      feng shui bedroom, feng shui house, feng shui home decorating, feng shui house  plans, feng shui decorating, feng shui bedroom colors This consultation includes a thorough analysis of your home’s “Feng Shui”. Factors including surrounding forms and structures, the building design, and directional influences are taken into consideration. Particular attention is paid to the areas that support the client’s intentions. If remodeling or redecorating is intended, recommendations will be made to determine ways to maintain the integrity of the footprint of the home to support the occupants. Colors and patterns will be recommended that will support the occupants’ energies.

    2. Garden and Landscaping

      While we apply Feng Shui to buildings and their interiors, the outside world is the original home of Feng Shui. Whether you are designing a new garden or landscaping your yard, Hinda will help you enhance the beauty, balance and spirit of your personal outdoor environment.

    3. In the market for a Home

      It can be tremendously helpful to determine the potential Feng Shui of a home prior to its purchase and to avoid the same sort of issues you might be leaving. A Feng Shui consultation provides invaluable information about whether or not a particular property is conducive to you and your family’s health and future goals.

      This information allows you to make informed decisions about purchasing or not. Additionally, if you are in a dilemma about several houses and are not sure which has the best Feng Shui for your family, a Feng Shui assessment will help you make a final determination.

    4. Pre-Building Assessment feng shui minnesota, feng shui mn, feng shui for love, feng shui business, feng shui livingroom, feng shui expert, feng shui consulting

      Undeniably, the optimal time for a Feng Shui assessment for a property is before it is built. If you are thinking of constructing a new home or business, it is ideal to incorporate Feng Shui in the initial stage. This will be one of your most important investments.

      Critical recommendations include directional alignment, the placement and design of the building structure (its footprint), location of entrances, exits and pathways, and positioning of important factors including the front door, kitchen, and master bedroom.

      "We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

    5. Selling a Home

      If your home is loved and has nourished and supported you and your family, then that vibrational energy will translate in a positive way to potential buyers. However, there can be underlying energetic factors which may be preventing its sale. A Feng Shui consultation will help determine any mitigating factors and advise what your home might need to help it sell faster.

  2. Annual Assessment office feng shui, feng shui interior design, feng shui guide, feng shui consultation service

    As your life energies shift, Feng Shui “tune-ups” can be beneficial. Career changes, new relationships, new goals, or new challenges will benefit from a new energy audit.

    There are also cyclical changes in the chi patterns of our environment that occur annually. These affect the degree of influence of the Feng Shui on our homes and businesses. On an annual basis, Hinda provides Feng Shui assessments for the New Year, what to expect, how to recognize potential challenges and ways to maximize potential benefits.

  3. Fashion Feng Shui

    Our clothing, like our environment, has a powerful effect on our overall mood and energy.

    Can you reach into your closet and trust that whatever you select will be something you feel terrific in? Will you love the color and style? Will it fit?

    Combining fashion and Feng Shui allows for an innovative approach to dressing for both personality and purpose. Using the dynamic energies of the Five Elements, Hinda will guide you on a journey of self-discovery. You will be empowered to reassess your closet and make clothing choices that convey your true Essence, support your Intention and compliment your Appearance.

    “Our surroundings, like mirrors, reflect every value in our hearts.”

  4. Feng Shui Amoré

    feng shui home, feng shui tips, feng shui numbers, feng shui love, feng shui basics, office feng shui, feng shui 2012, bedroom feng shui, feng shui office, feng shui services, how to feng shui Feng Shui Amoré is a collaborative of four Feng Shui Consultants dedicated to creating space for Love! This collaboration evolved from our belief in the power of love to enhance every aspect of your life and our desire to apply the principles of Feng Shui to help you make a love connection.

    We bring over 50 years of collective Feng Shui expertise and passion to your heartfelt intentions. Our sole purpose is to assist you whether your intention is to call in a love relationship or enhance an existing relationship. Feng Shui Amoré can be just the catalyst you need!