“Space should satisfy the fundamental, aesthetic, and spiritual needs of man.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright


As energy healers we believe in the importance of the flow of energy for optimal health. If energy is blocked in the body, mind, heart or spirit, dis-ease sets in. Feng Shui appealed to us because it shares a similar philosophy applied to the spaces we live and work in. If energy is blocked, failure or disappointments set in. Prior to moving our business to a new location 9 years ago, we enlisted the services of Hinda Abrahamson, a seasoned and respected Feng Shui consultant in the Twin Cities. She has helped us succeed in business over the years using Feng Shui principles. We highly recommend Hinda and Feng Shui to assist you in succeeding in your personal and professional life! If you are experiencing a slow down or if you feel stuck in your life call Hinda and let Feng Shui propel you to the next level!

Steve and Bessie
Arne Wellness Center

Wanting to begin life in our new home by honoring the serenity we had sensed when we had chosen it, we asked Hinda to perform a Feng Shui house blessing. We had very little idea what this ritual would be like, but we knew that Hinda would infuse it with her special grace. Hinda selected the a special blessing for us and guided us through a very meaningful sequence intended to protect and bless our space. The ceremony was calming and soothing, and brought out a higher sense of goodness and peace in our home that remains to this day. Our home, as we intended, has been a personal haven, filled with positive energy that has strengthened and supported other aspects of our lives. We highly recommend Hinda as a practitioner who can bring out these qualities using the ancient Feng Shui principles that have come to mean very much to us as well.

Betsy and Pete W.

I wanted to write and let you know that we have received so many positive comments about our office space. It seems larger and more peaceful. I'm noticing how interactions are different just because of where people are sitting and which way they're oriented. And there is so much less clutter! It's just fantastic.


My energy has lifted dramatically! Once the projects got underway that was the key I'm feeling more like my old self, energy wise! It is still smart on my part to pace the activities. So thanks for all your input! Without your suggestions I'm sure I'd still be stuck & not knowing it.


When I first met Hinda, the concept of Feng Shui was relatively new to me. I had come to embrace the concept of energy healing in terms of body, mind, and spirit, but I did not know much about the concepts as applied to my home and environment.

Hinda was absolutely wonderful and I learned so much from her. I had felt stuck for a very long time and through the lens of Feng Shui, I was able to see how aspects of my home were likely contributing to that. Working with Hinda, I learned how to get the chi moving in my home. More importantly, she also helped me see and understand how I had been intuitively making changes in my home and life—unconsciously, of course—to promote healing and movement.

Since that first visit, I have called on Hinda many times—to help me set up my art studio, to help me with decision-making when I was searching for a new home, and to help me settle into my new home. She is a wealth of information, a delight to work with, and a true healing presence. I strongly encourage everyone to utilize the principles of Feng Shui and Hinda's services to promote peace, healing, and forward movement in their lives.

Katherine P.

It is difficult to talk about Hinda’s Feng Shui consulting services without starting first with the person. Hinda’s very essence is a great part of what she brings to her practice.

Hinda is one of the most amazing women on the planet, in every capacity. Her eyes radiate joy. Her smile is engaging and welcoming. Her spirit is fun yet peaceful, nurturing, and illuminating. Her presence can be felt before she even arrives. Hinda's spirit fills a room. Her voice tone rings of everything she is: peaceful, loving, nurturing and joyful. You can even feel that essences in her writing which confirms that Hinda is the real deal.

Hinda brings all of these characteristics to her Feng Shui Consulting services. She has supported me in the following Feng Shui projects: 2 offices, narrating my website tour, staffing and relationships, and my home. Hinda's spirit enters the space getting a feel and then inquires of the intention. She explains things in a way that everyone can understand.

She was adaptive to using things that where already present in my space and I was amazed by how just moving an item to a different location or turning a couch could change the feeling of a room. Her work is not only transforming of spaces but of energy and people. Side Bar: The contractor heading up the build out of my new office was very negative and disrespectful. His workers were smoking in my space and leaving trash lying around. After Hinda sectioned the space with the Bagua, she helped me write affirmations and intentions on the unfinished walls relevant to each section. We then hung a crystal in the center (health) of the space. The next day the general contractor said that he had never in his 20 years of work felt a job site feel so full of energy and peace. He apologized for being disrespectful to my space and to me. His staff never smoked or trashed that space again.

Hinda’s consulting resulted in a major shift in the consciousness of my spaces, the people who worked there and the people who visited there. You could feel something as soon as you stepped into the space.

I am exhilarated with her excellent interior design skills and knowledge of Feng Shui principles. Her gifts of intuitiveness and attention to detail coupled with her illuminating spirit makes Hinda Abrahamson my number one choice for Feng Shui consulting and a friend.

EFay Imani
Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks